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    Horizons Security Solutions & Services
    Minds Beyond 360
    Brings Un-matched Services
    With Economy
    ISO 9001:2008

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    Horizons Security Solutions & Services
    Minds Beyond 360
    Brings Un-matched Services
    With Economy
    ISO 9001:2008

Welcome to Horizons Engineering Services & Mechanical Design

The consultancy team at Horizons International has a passion for ideas and creative solutions. We have achieved expertise in providing consulting services in terms of various engineering works and operations to several industries. From purchasing equipment to designing of the plants; and from installation of these machineries to the operation of the same, we provide every solution to our clients. We adopt latest treatment technologies, conceptual designing and process engineering for designing of plants as per the process requirements. We have earned great reputations in this work.

What our Clients say about us

Horizons Engineering Services





Mechanical Designs (2D)

Mechanical Designs (3D)


Our manufacturing engineers and machinists are very well versed in CNC Milling, Precision CNC Turning, Wire EDM, Grinding, Boring, and Lapping and fixture design. They thrive on challenging opportunities. Perhaps you need 3 micron positional accuracies. Over the years, we have had a few interesting requirements and were happy to accommodate. It would be our pleasure to discuss the manufacturability of your design ideas.


Several of material forgings are produced according to the customer’s drawings. Processes: Prototypes to full production runs Ferrous and non-ferrous forgings Open die Closed die Upset Press forging.

We are currently catering to the requirements of Carbon Steel forgings, Alloy steel forgings, Stainless Steel Forgings manufactured through Closed Die Forging. Forging Equipments: Gravity Drop & Pneumatic Hammer upto 10 tons capacity. Forging presses upto 5000 ton capacity, Ring Rolling, Open Die & upsetting Hammers, Screw Presses upto 2500 tons capacity.

Forging Range

Process Weight Size Material
Close Die Forging upto 100 kgs – single piece upto 600 mm in length Carbon steel, alloy & stainless steels
Open Die Forging upto 2 tons upto 4.5 meter in length Aluminum, Brass & its Alloys


Molding Process: High Pressure Die Castings, Gravity Die Casting.

Casting Range

Process Description
Weight 5 grams to 3 kgs - single piece
Size Up to 600 mm in diameter
Material Aluminium & it’s alloys, Zinc, Zamac

Sand Casting Range

Process Description
Weight 50 grams to 5 tons – single piece
Size Up to 3 meter. length
Material Ductile Iron Casting (Nodular Iron), Gray Iron


Horizons International is one of the leading sources for high quality fabrication works throughout Pakistan. We provide our customers with a large range of Products and we make sure to provide all of our customers with quality services that we can be proud of. Our fabrication capabilities include spinning, flow forming, laser cutting, punching, stamping, forming, automatic inserting, welding, deburring, finishing, etc.

Some of the fabrication works undertaken over the last few years is as under:

  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Ground Power Units
  • Other GSE
  • Step Ladder, Water Service Unit, Trolleys, Dollies, Cargo Loading Equipment & Maintenance man lift.

Engineering & Mechanical Designs

Horizons International is an engineering company that was founded in 1995. With its specialized engineers in design, analysis and test; we provide turn-key project services in Automotive industries from concept design to manufacturing.

Horizon International carries out advanced engineering computations for certification processes, design, analysis and design optimization in several areas and platforms with its engineers who are flexible and qualified in various disciplines. The company also carries out its advanced engineering activities in two areas as design and computational simulation with mechatronics and provides integrated solutions to customers with synergy of these two areas.

Primary target of Horizon International is contributing national industry to increase its technology level and competitive power in international markets by supporting R&D activities of national industrial companies with advance engineering.

  • 2D and 3D CAD Services
  • System and Subsystem Construction
  • Prototype Manufacturing

Horizons Engineering Catalog

Engineering Catalog

Engineering Catalog has been published by Horizons International.
You can download now it’s PDF version.

Download Catalog

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Nationwide Offices

Factory Office Lahore

17km, Rehmat Street, Sheikhupura Road.


Tel: +92-3447200002


Branch Office Faisalabad

Darul Uloom Rahimia Mahria, Adda Awagat, Jaranwala Rd, Faisalabad.

Faislabad, PAKISTAN.



Branch Office Islamabad

Office No 05 , 2nd Floor, Block 20, PHA Appartments, G-7/1

Islamabad, PAKISTAN.

Tel: +92-51-8732952, +92-51-8735360


Worldwide Offices

Branch Office South Africa

Cosmos No. 3, 5th Street, Ladybrand, Free State 9745

P.O Box 0792

+27605555550, +27715525207


Branch Office China

Songxia Industrial Zone of Shangyu. Zhejiang, China.

+86 575 82328001, +86 575 82328002


Branch Office United Kingdom

43 Belmont Avenue New maldenn, Surrey KT3 6QE, United Kingdom.

+44 2033971129, +44 2033974116


Branch Office Lesotho

1 South Road,Lithabaneng, Maseru, Lesotho.

P.O Box 0008

+266-20321818, +266-50342222, +266-62044444


Branch Office Tajikistan

Saodat Center 82, Duhsnabe Tajkistan.

+44 2033971129, +44 2033974116